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The Centre and Office will be closed on Tuesday 17th July, Monday 6th to Friday 10th August and Friday 31st August 2018 for staff training and annual instrument stock check.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this.

Practice hints and tips

Regular playing at home will help your playing no end. Playing daily for 15-20 minutes at a regular time (for instance, as soon as you get home from school) will aid memory, finger dexterity and improve your playing a great deal.

If you are stuck on a particular note, look for a note chart in your tutor book, or look at the previous few notes you played.

Practice playing by touch while always keeping your eyes on the book. If you find this difficult, having an adult point to the note you are on as you play often helps.

Don't try and memorise whole pieces – regular repetition of a piece while playing with the book, reading notes as you play, will automatically start to imprint the pattern of notes in your mind, anyway.

Once you have learned a particular piece of music, try playing along with the corresponding backing track on the CD supplied with your tutor book. This may take several attempts, but after a few tries, it should get easier.

Most of all enjoy your playing and remember to bring your instrument and tutor book with you to school every week.

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