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Lessons you can take:

We offer bassoon lessons through some of our music centres such as Brookfield Music Centre and Five Valleys Music Centre.

When to start:

Because of its size and weight, secondary school age. (Mini bassoons are available to hire from Gloucestershire Music).



Gloucestershire Music hire charge is £26.90 per term (plus VAT where applicable). Find out more about hiring from us.


From about £2,500. Second-hand instruments are available from about £1,000, but take expert advice. Other: Reeds need replacing quite often - about £7. Otherwise very little - apart from occasional adjustments and pad replacement.



Not too difficult to play. It's an excellent instrument for late starters. Bassoonists are in very short supply and you will be very much in demand in wind bands and orchestras.


None - except for the cost.

Find out more about the bassoon from the BBC’s guide to the

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