Listening, teamwork, appraising, singing, pitch, pulse, rhythm, notation

    •    Give your pupils the skills to inspire a lifetime’s love of music
    •    Open up opportunities for their lives and futures
    •    Provide pupils – and teachers – with foundation music skills
    •    Covers main elements of National Curriculum for Music
    •    Led by highly-skilled, specialist tutors
    •    Highly subsidised by the hub (by 65% or more)


Lessons are available on violin, clarinet, recorder, brass, percussion, ukulele (all instruments are included in cost)

    •    20-week programmes of 45 minute lessons and CPD/shadowing for teachers
    •    10- and 30-week programmes also available
    •    Option for students to take home their instruments after 10 weeks, hiring from Gloucestershire Music


£794 - 20 week programme (starting Sept 2016) £392 - 10 week programme (starting April 2016) Includes extended scheme, extra visit for data reporting, optional downloadable resources and backing tracks.

Also available:

Taiko / African / Samba Workshops - price on enquiry

To book or for more information contact Steven Legge, Deputy Head, Gloucestershire Music, 01452 330300

What schools say:

"They learn so much more than the music ... It’s developing their ability to concentrate, to work together and to listen. And of course learning an instrument gives them confidence, develops self-esteem, inspires them, and helps them to develop as a whole person. All of those are transferable skills which are being developed incredibly well through music. Some are even creating compositions together – so it’s collaborative learning too. But beyond that, the teacher’s learning too. From a CPD point of view, it’s excellent, cost effective training. If I was to put teachers into music training, it would cost me for course and for a supply teacher." David Crunkhurn, Head, Westbury-on-Severn C of E Primary. Read more

"To see a class' musical knowledge, ability and confidence improve from session one through to the showcase concert in front of their school community, is so rewarding. To witness a normally shy and timid child blossom through playing a musical instrument is an absolute joy." Phil Storer, Whole Class Tutor.  Read more

"As a school in a deprived area, we tried for two years to get group tuition off the ground but to no avail and often with the school facing debt as parents would not pay at the time of their invoice. We then enrolled in this two years ago and have not looked back since. I would say that 90% of our pupils REALLY enjoy the lessons. Next year I will be continuing the lessons with my Y4s starting clarinet and my Y5s, having their second year of clarinet."


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